Since 2012, Chestnut Funds has provided accredited investors access to diversified portfolios of middle market real estate properties through investment in Chestnut’s distinctive real estate funds. Chestnut also provides investors opportunities to access investment in a single property.


Why invest in a fund?  Investors often choose to invest in a private real estate fund because they seek real estate exposure and property diversification in their investment portfolio. A fund investment allows an investor to benefit from a fund manager’s relationships with operating partners and the manager’s asset class, underwriting, and portfolio development expertise.   

Real estate funds have a defined investment strategy, with pre-determined risk/return profiles, asset types, approaches to leverage, and more. A fund’s strategy is thoroughly described in a Private Placement Memorandum. Fund managers execute the fund strategy and investors receive income from the fund’s portfolio of investments.  If a fund has already begun its investment activity, a prospective investor has access to information on existing fund investments to review when making an investment decision.  

Why invest in a single asset?  Investors that invest in a single property via a co-investment vehicle are often seeking a very specific risk/return profile, asset type, or geography. These investors appreciate knowing the details on the asset prior to making an investment.   

Which of Chestnut's fund strategies are of interest to you?

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Real Estate Funds

Investing in development, value add and opportunistic real estate projects that align with operating partners' expertise.

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Medical Office Funds

Investing in the acquisition of core and core-plus medical office buildings and other healthcare properties.


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Opportunity Zone Funds

Investing in real estate projects located in Opportunity Zones that align capital with community need to deliver financial and social returns. 

Co Investments

An option for investors seeking to build a custom portfolio of real estate investments by accessing single-asset investment opportunities. 

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*Chestnut Funds Offerings are only available to Accredited Investors

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